Verminous House Clearance:

What is a verminous property?

A property that we regard as verminous typically contains verminous matter such as decaying food, animal or human feces, clinical waste, needles, syringes and drug related waste or decaying waste in general.

Verminous properties represent a health and environmental hazard and you can be prosecuted if the verminous waste isn't removed & disposed of.

What we clear

  • Clearance and disposal of any decaying foodstuff
  • Clearance and disposal of any decaying animal carcasses
  • Clearance and disposal of any animal or human feaces
  • Cleansing and disinfecting of interior surfaces & any infected areas
  • Removal of contaminated carpets if cleansing is not appropriate
  • Clearance and disposal of any furniture
  • Clearance of any outside verminous rubbish adjoined
  • ... or adjacent to the property

When clearing verminous or cluttered properties, we do not simply go into the property and dispose of everything, through years of experience we know what to dispose of and what to put to one side.

We tend to clear the smallest room in the house first as this acts as a storage area for items that the customers has specifically asked us to look out for or items we feel have monetary or sentimental value, such as photographs, important legal paper work, jewelry & the like.